Connecting With Nature

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope your week is going great so far. Not too long ago I was in a funk that I couldn’t easily just shake off. I felt lost and I felt like I needed to dive head first into the wilderness just to clear my mind of all of my worries, even if only for one day. A few friends and I decided to do just that.

We got up, bright and early, to drive for nearly two hours before reaching our destination — The Umpqua Hot Springs. I looked forward to having a good soak in the mineral enriched waters, but once I saw the hill that I had to hike the first thought I had was what did you get yourself into? Of course the hike was very worth it.


It was an overcast day and the forest was still slick from rain the previous night. When we arrived to the pools, to our surprise we were the only ones there, but that changed about an hour in. Soon people started flooding in and that’s when we decided to pack up.

The hot springs consist of around 10 – 20 pools, each differing in temperature. Some were lukewarm while others made me feel like I was stewing in a pot of soup. The pools were carved naturally and had a smooth surface, so our feet didn’t get cut up. While we were there it began to rain and feeling the droplets hit my skin while soaking gave me a feeling of complete zen. Not to mention the view was gorgeous. All we could hear was silence and rain. I’ll never forget.

img_7753      img_7754


If you’re ever in the Glide area in Oregon, I encourage you to give this place a try. It gave me a release that I was looking for and I’m looking forward to my next visit! Where are your favorite places to hike?


A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Although Asher isn’t quite here yet, his daddy and I wanted to make sure that he still got to celebrate with us! So of course it was only fair that we picked up a pumpkin, for our little pumpkin!

We went to one of the local farms in our area, and it was a little on the expensive side! (We didn’t plan on it costing so much, but every second was worth the pennies we spent.)

We enjoyed a lonesome and romantic hayride — really! We had the entire trailer to ourselves! Just us and the farm man, which got awkward at times. But he had the cutest little mixed Yellow Lab that accompanied him on his pumpkin patch runs! We also plunged into the corn maze. Unfortunately, it wasn’t haunted. But the sounds of the children enjoying themselves and running blindly through the maze made us so much more excited to be parents.

The farm had a stand where you could purchase anything that was all grown/made right there on the farm. It doesn’t get much fresher than that. The stand had everything in season that you could ever think of. Pumpkins, big and small — even teency weency little baby size! And not to mention, every kind. Watermelons, honeydew, cantaloupe, peppers, potatoes, tomatoes… the list goes on and on! And these were all at a very low price, so of course we helped ourselves.

I can’t wait to bring Asher here next year and let him waddle through the pumpkin patch and pick out his very own pumpkin! He may get muddy and covered in dirt, but kids will be kids and that’s certainly nothing a warm bubble bath and some love can’t fix.

With love,